Saturday, May 18, 2013

Frontpage Links

Link to the main facepunch thread.

Useful links for Mass Effect porting and anything else that's relevant:

Links and other things:


ME3 Weapon Replacements by DeltaTimo
Afc2OGG for converting sound files
Gibbed ME3 Tools
DT's Fancy Model Pack Contains various misc Mass Effect models. ME stuff only.
Normandy SR1 Prop
Asari Dancers
Pvt Jenkins Perskin (N7 Hoodie)
Facepunch Kodiak
N7 Kodiak
Destiny Ascension by s-low
EvilAsh's 'Femshep's Quarters' map
LewyJudge's Citadel Council Hall map
List of useful sci-fi themed Maps And another
Tali's Mask
Mass Effect for XNALara on DeviantArt
Recapitulative of the additional objects for XNALara
Link to my webpage (with old catalog in forum)

Additional Mods

Collector's Armor by Biotoxsin and Sgt Shotup (ME2)

Quarians and Geth by Acrono (ME2)

Feron by Jar55 (ME2) (hex of Haxxer's Thane Krios port)

Tali'Zorah skins by Engineer_Rus (ME2) (hexes of hellbring101's Tali port)

Female Quarian Skins by Engineer_Rus (ME1, ME2) (hexes of hellbring101's Quarians)

Mass Effect 2 Playermodels by Lazermaniac and Slash559 (ME2)


ME1 Weapons by madmanmad (ME1)

Combine Tali by LT_Commander (ME2)

ME2 Mercenary NPCs by Right Wing Game (ME2) (requires Floater's Mass Effect DLC Mercs)

Husk Playermodel by Jason278 and S-low (ME1, ME2)

Miranda Lawson by CJay (ME2) FloaterTwo's loyalty outfit hex

Miranda Lawson by DPFilms (ME3)

Collector Drone by S-Low (ME2)

Geth Trooper by S-Low (ME1)

Loki Mech by S-Low (ME2)

Grunt by S-Low (ME2)

Mordin Solus by S-Low (ME2)

Husk by S-Low (ME1)

Jack by S-Low (ME2)

Illusive Man by S-Low (ME2)

Batarians by Gor Feri

The Next Shadow Broker by Pax

Kelly Chambers by Deus Ex Nihilo

Sam Traynor by Gmod4Ever

Vorcha by Pax