Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ports by Haxxer

Ports by Haxxer:

Mass Effect Weapons (ME2, ME3) (collab. with FloaterTwo)

ME2 DLC Weapons (ME2) (Included in "Mass Effect Weapons")

Prop Pack 1 (ME2)

Prop Pack 2 (ME2)

ME2 Mantis and Hovercar (ME2)

ME2 Hammerhead and Kodiak (ME2)

Spaceships (ME1, ME2)

ME3 Gunships and Normandy (ME3) (Collab. with FloaterTwo)

Krogans (ME1, ME2)

Praetorians (ME2)

Kasumi Goto (ME2)

Volus (ME1, ME2)

Elcor (ME1, ME2)

Jeff "Joker" Moreau (ME1, ME2)

Thane Krios (ME2)

Liara T'Soni (ME1, ME2) Requires "N7 Huge Humans Pack" (scroll 4 mods down)

Commander John/Jill Shepard (ME2) Fix link dead

Cerberus Soldiers (ME3)

Javik (ME3)

Mass Effect Casuals (ME1, ME2) Requires Enhanced Citizens (Collab. with FloaterTwo)

Massive Asari Megapack (ME1, ME2, ME3) (Collab. with FloaterTwo)

Huge Humans Pack (ME1) (Collab. with FloaterTwo)

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